Specialist Bird Deterrent Systems

Avian UK Services bird deterrent systems protect your building and working environment from the hazards and nuisance caused by pest birds and their fouling.

We offer...

  • Free quotations - our advice is always available
  • Proven deterrent system designs and installation
  • Unobtrusive protection against all pest bird species
  • The use of high quality materials
  • Complete project management
  • Access by hydraulic platform or abseiling
  • Commitment to Health & Safety


For another humane method of bird control, please see our colleagues at Avian Control Systems, who use specially trained birds of prey to disperse groups of birds and deter them from returning.

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Bird Net Systems

Individually designed net systems protect your building by providing a humane inpenetrable barrier that prevents birds from landing on protected areas.

Netting is available in various colours to compliment your building. All fixings are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure long life.

Nets are suitable for building facias, canopies, roofs and well areas where persistent birds are a problem.

Point, Pin & Wire Systems

Provide protection against birds perching and roosting on ledges, sills and signage or individual structures such as lamp posts, pylons and statues.

Humane stainless steel points or sprung wires are fixed to create an inconspicuous deterrent to landing birds.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Removal of bird debris including nests and droppings is carried out with diligence and care due to the harmful bacteria and insects present.

Deep cleaning and disinfection of surfaces to provide protection to the general public from the health risks associated with bird fouling.

Working up high Protecting the orwell bridge in Ipswich Point Deterrent Pin & Wire Deterrent Bird mess Bird mess cleaned up