Avian UK Services Limited is a leading provider of specialist services to the pest control, food production, construction, facilities and property management sectors.

Our products and services include

Bird Deterrent Systems

On buildings where pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls nest and roost, their fouling can both damage the building structure and create potential health risks. Avian UK Services design and install specialist bird deterrent systems to offer the best solutions for each problem situation. Protection is provided through the use of bird deterrent nets, bird deterrent points or pin and wire systems.

Fly Screen Systems

Fly Screens are a secondary installation to windows, doors and other openings allowing natural ventilation whilst excluding flying insects. Screens can be adapted to suit any design or style of window and door. Avian UK Services are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of fly screens and offer a nationwide coverage.

Industrial, Commercial and High Level Cleaning Services

Avian UK Services employ a team of dedicated cleaning specialists who are experts in delivering consistently high cleaning standards in all situations from pet food manufacturers and flourmills to loft areas and pub kitchens. High access work is undertaken by trained staff using hydraulic platforms or abseiling.

Fumigation Service

Grain and commodity fumigation using Phosphine (PH3). Fumigation is an effective method of controlling insect infestation within bulk commodities. Carried out by fully qualified staff with many years experience, Avian UK Services can offer this effective service to Farmers, Store-Keepers, Merchants, Maltsters, Millers and Shippers.

Building protection
Window Flyscreen
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